Why Business Administration?

Resources are declining in spite of the increasing world population with a high level of complexity and uncertainty, and in parallel with an increase in the quantity of goods and services needed. In addition, increasingly fiercer competition, makes it necessary to implement actions that will benefit the conditions and to recognize opportunities and threats posed by the new terms. The increasing importance of globalization in the world market in particular, entrepreneurs, managers and employees who have the education of business training, are preferred.   

Management science, analyzes economic units which were established to produce goods and services to fulfill the objectives of management to meet human needs and to examine information, human, technology, financial resources and other factors of production effectively and efficiently.

After teaching the concept of business and their functions in the business administration education, it is aimed to train managers who can get to know the internal and external environment, make analysis, produce solutions to the problems, take healthy decisions, be specialized in finance, accounting, marketing, production management, and numerical methods.
The Department of Management, following the developments in science and business education, with its current program when training professionals in national and international businesses, it particularly aims to convey the entrepreneurial spirit from the past which came from Kayseri and Central Anatolia Region to students.
For this purpose, the department aims to bring the students who can up-to-date his knowledge according to innovations, is fluent in foreign languages, can closely follow the modern technology, has critical and creative thinking skills to the fore. In addition, it is also aimed to develop inquisitive, critical and creative thinking skills of the business students.