Program Objectives

• Teaching management principles, organizational design, social sciences, leadership, human resources, information systems, computer software, accounting, finance, research methods, law, economics, communications, marketing, sales techniques, entrepreneurship, social responsibility and business ethics, and basic concepts applications, 

• Providing starting job information to the human resources of industry, trade and service enterprises in Kayseri and its surrounding. Kayseri adopts export-oriented tradition which began in Kültepe Karum, the world's first organized center of commerce,

• Providing training for participants in collaboration with universities and industry,

• Giving students not only the professional knowledge but also a high level of awareness of social responsibility. As a result of this, producing graduates who care about social values, has moral principles, and can make difference in the society or business in a positive way,

• Training potential managers who are effective in decision-making as the economic, legal and social environment require,

• Giving education by reviewing innovations in the science of business administration and giving the opportunity to renew themselves. So, making the students flexible and practical as the employment market required,

• Training students who are appropriate to the enterpreneur spirit of Kayseri, which has proven its success in indusry and invest its accumulation to the industry and turn it into production with its trade tradition and experience,

• Providing successful, young operators armed with up to date methods and information, specializing in solving problems that may arise,and meeting the requirements of the business world, nationally and internationally,

• Training equipped students who can follow national business, international business, multinational and transnational enterprises with the flexible course schedules to keep up with rapidly developing and changing business world.